IEC & Spinnaker Investment Group: Capital Market Update 2019

By Sinan Kanatsiz

As we near the end of the third fiscal quarter of 2019, members of the IEC and fellow guests gathered at the cool and relaxed setting of Al Hensling’s Garage (President of United American Mortgage). Joe Stapleton, President of Spinnaker Investment Group, co-hosted the IEC at the venue which included a high-end car collection, great food and music to set the tone for the night’s capital market update.

The evening featured a forecast of the global, national and local economy of Orange County. Bill Carpou, CEO of OCTANe and Morgan Christen, CEO of Spinnaker Investment Group provided 40+ IEC executives and friends an inside look on the stock and bond market, upcoming elections in the Trump era, and the economy in 2020.

Bill (who is featured in on the cover of this week’s Orange County Business Journal) shared his views on “Building the SoCal of Tomorrow”, and the importance of startups and venture capitalists to drive development and business within the OC area, through various growth resources and verticals.

Some key topics touched by Morgan were a deeper analysis of bond yields and the inversion of 10- and 2-year prices – a hot topic for watchers of the economy.  He also spoke about the Fed, gave an overview of US bond yields in relationship to international borrowing rates, and how the economy is slowing but not showing signs of a recession in the short term, as there is low unemployment, wage growth, and still-healthy consumer spending.

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