Are you on track to achieve your financial goals?

While money may not buy happiness, it certainly buys security and stability.  You have to be prepared for anything to happen, and we can help. From setting savings goals to navigating the complex financial marketplace, our managers can help take the stress out of investing.

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Take the stress out
of investing

Confidence, independence, and financial wellness are more than just bywords for Spinnaker Investment Group; they are the words we live by. Just as an experienced CFO does for a business, Spinnaker helps you establish and manage a portfolio, determine long-term goals and help chart your course toward financial security and independence.

Goal-Based Investing

Spinnaker Investment Group takes a holistic approach to looking at your life, expectations and goals, to design an investment portfolio that is tailored to meet your needs. Since few individual investments can achieve multiple goals at once, we focus on allocating assets in diverse ways to address the needs of your portfolio.

Portfolio Vigilance

As markets cycles shift and your financial needs evolve over time, your portfolio should be adjusted to match.   As your personal CFO, we monitor, assess and adjust portfolios, aiming to achieve the optimal results throughout the investment process.

Financial Independence

Whether you plan on being the first person to kayak around the Americas, or want to start a gourmet restaurant, you will need a heightened level of financial stability.  Through investing, you will gain confidence in knowing that your portfolio is designed with your present and future goals in mind. We work every day to provide you with the financial security that you need to pursue your dreams and be independent. Through financial wellness, you can achieve true freedom.

Our core belief is that everyone has the opportunity to develop a financial portfolio.

Whether you are a lawyer at a major firm or a small business owner, we can help you get on track financially. We take the emotion out of investing, so that temporary emotions do not divert you from pursuing the short-term and long-term results that you need.