Take the stress out of your finances and let Spinnaker Investment Group help.

With years of experience in the finance industry, we can help you manage your portfolio, determine long-term goals and seek financially security. We work with each client to ensure that their portfolio matches their long-term goals. Confidence, independence, and financial wellness are more than just bywords for Spinnaker Investment Group; they are the words we live by.

Among our other financial services, we can help with:

Financial Planning

Through sound financial planning, you can improve your investment decisions, lifestyle and financial wellness. We help with family gifting, funding college educations, planning for retirement and creditor protection. From reducing income taxes to wealth preservation, we can help you begin your journey to financial health and security.

Wealth Planning

Managing money takes time, and you have better things to do. No matter what you want to do in life, we manage wealth planning so that you can pursue your passion. From discussing your asset allocation to investing in securities, we manage all aspects of your wealth while you focus on what you do best.

Asset Management

With years of experience in managing investments, Spinnaker Investment Group can help allocate assets and manage investments. We customize each investment plan in an effort to meet your individual goals while reducing your tax liability. From rebalancing your portfolio to adjusting your risk tolerance, we can navigate you through the many asset management options available.

Retirement Goals

Saving for retirement is a major goal for many investors. Although your retirement date seems far away, careful planning today is needed to give you the best chance for a comfortable, positive retirement. We help clients to find what we believe are the best assets for growth and retirement security. Our goal is to help your initial investments grow to encompass a retirement investment that can provide for you in the future.


There are many options when investing. We perform research on a variety of exchange-traded funds, stocks, mutual funds and bonds so that you do not have to. As the markets change, we adjust portfolios to match your personal investing goals.

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Through sound financial planning, you can improve your investment decisions, lifestyle and financial wellness.

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