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Take a financially educated woman, 

inspire her to take action, 

and you will empower her to build a legacy of success.

– Anika Wilson, Financial Advisor 

According to Blackrock:

  • 52% of US women have started to save for retirement.
  • 64% of US women reported stress when thinking about investing.
  • 38% of US women invest in the financial market.
  • 55% of women saying that investing is “not for people like me.”

From longer lifespans, to transitions such as marriage, family, divorce, and career changes, women face a unique set of circumstances when it comes to planning for their future.

In an industry that has largely overlooked their specific needs, women have been left on the sidelines when it comes to accumulating, growing, and preserving their wealth.

We do not want you to be a statistic. Women, investing is for people like you. We understand that you are unique.

As your advisor, we create a personalized roadmap to help you achieve your goals and dreams. It is our mission to educate, inspire, and empower women like you to take responsibility for their finances, so that you have the ability to protect and control your future, and your family’s future, for years to come.

 “For women, financial independence is a matter of necessity.” 

– Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

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Educate. Inspire. Empower.

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Our mission is to empower all women to create the life they’ve always dreamed of, and to leave a legacy of success for years to come. 

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