The Spinnaker Mission

Our Mission: To enhance the overall client experience

We are passionate about our clients. Your needs and your best interests drive every decision we make. Over the past few months, it has become clear that having control over the decision making as it relates to the direction of the firm is necessary. This begins with all business decisions leading to our investment philosophies, culture, branding, recruiting and technology. We knew we could do this by establishing an independent practice, which does not represent a specific insurance company, bank or Wall Street institution. This independence allows us the autonomy to advise our clients on the most appropriate investments and actions for achieving their financial objectives. While reinvesting in our clients, Spinnaker Investment Group, LLC will always strive to provide you with comprehensive wealth management and the highest level of service, tailored to your unique needs. We will be able to do everything we have done in the past and more, in fact, our offering will be greatly enhanced. Whether it is portfolio construction or educational events, we are empowered to do more for you. We are committed to providing exceptional client service by ensuring that our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients. Teamwork underpins our one-firm culture. While our team has specialists in many different areas of financial planning, we realize we are not experts in all aspects and we will incorporate those outside services. We will become your personal Chief Financial Officer by working with your current team, your CPA, your attorney. While the choices for an independent custodian for your portfolio are vast, we have decided that Charles Schwab Institutional offers the most complete package of trusted brand, financial stability, world class services and reliability. As of January 31, 2016, Schwab has $2.43 trillion in client assets, #1 in market share for registered investment advisor custody and 1,800 professional dedicated to custody, trading and operations support.

The investment landscape is changing and it is more important than ever that we stay nimble and deliver the personal touch that our clients deserve. We believe in one another as like-minded partners committed to enhancing the overall investment experience.


The information contained herein is based on internal research derived from various sources and does not purport to be statements of all material facts relating to the securities mentioned. The information contained herein, while not guaranteed as to the accuracy or completeness, has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

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