Stepping Up to the Challenge: How Great Financial Advisors Evolve to Meet Client Expectations

Financial advisors play an important role in their clients’ lives. If that individual has the proper training, education and skills, continually safeguards the client’s assets and provides a well-thought out plan for growth, there is every reason to believe the client will remain loyal. Yet, increasingly, today’s investor is more motivated by what may be called the overall “client experience” than by purely transactional results. Great financial advisors need to evolve to meet those expectations.

A financial advisor needs to get to know the client

While common themes of buying a home, providing funding for children’s education and accumulating sufficient resources for retirement apply to most investors, the financial advisor who desires a long term relationship will take the time to fully understand the client’s individual circumstances. What motivates them? What are their worst fears? If money were no object, what would they be doing? As life changes for the client, so too should the investment advisor’s counsel.

Clients are looking for instant access from their financial management firm 

News, products and services today are just a click away, and financial advisors need to be aware and provide this level of client experience, as well. And clients are looking for more than just how well their investment account is doing. They want information about the types of investments that may be available to them and transparency as to why and how the financial advisor comes to their conclusions.

Financial planners need to be aware of brand perception

A financial advisor who believes their only job is to provide high-performing investment options is missing the point; in addition to being a wealth manager, an advisor should be a financial coach who the client can turn to for guidance throughout their life. It’s not what the advisor claims they do that matters, it’s what the client believes the financial advisor represents that’s important.

Offer an unparalleled customer service experience 

Our new client service team is dedicated to getting to know each client as an individual, paying attention to the details and improving the frequency and quality of communication, all in the pursuit of crafting a custom-tailored investment strategy. 

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