Above and Beyond Financial Services

Wealth management is integral to the financial success of both individuals and businesses. Financial mismanagement can cause unnecessary stress and reflects poorly on a business. Large institutional wealth management firms are often appealing but lack certain benefits that smaller firms such as Spinnaker Investment Group can provide. Spinnaker offers unique resources such as Spinntax, which provides general tax services. Spinnaker Investment Group also offers above and beyond financial services as a fiduciary, offering boutique concierge experience, and relationships. 


Spinnaker Tax Group

Spinntax is one of Spinnaker Investment Group’s latest additions, allowing Spinnaker to provide financial services that are above and beyond. Spinntax is prepared to offer sound advice that is key to managing tax liabilities, whether you’re filing a business or an individual tax return. Tax rules and laws are also notorious for changing year to year. The advisors at Spinntax are well versed in the latest changes in tax law and are constantly monitoring new legislation that could reduce tax liabilities for their clients. Because of the addition of Spinntax, Spinnaker may provide financial services beyond what a larger firm could offer. 



Spinnaker Investment Group identifies as a fiduciary. A fiduciary is distinct from a traditional financial group because it is required to put the client’s best interests first. This includes recommending investments that are beneficial to the client and are not conflicts of interest. A common misconception is that all financial advisors are fiduciaries, but that is not the case. Financial advisors who are not fucidiaries may not have a particular sense of responsibility to their clients and may recommend investments that could be more profitable for the advisor than the advisee. Because Spinnaker Investment Group is a fiduciary, clients can rest assured that all recommendations for investments are being made in their best interest. 


Boutique Concierge Experience 

Spinnaker Investment Group offers a personalized boutique concierge experience. This means that the financial advisors at the Spinnaker Investment Group have intimate knowledge of each client’s portfolio and investments and make decisions unique to each individual client based on their financial needs and goals. Spinnaker’s offering of a boutique concierge experience differentiates them from other investment groups and contributes to the above and beyond financial services that Spinnaker advises.



One final factor that differentiates Spinnaker from other investment groups is its unique network of clients and valuable social capital. Spinnaker represents a number of individuals and businesses, coming from a variety of backgrounds. Spinnaker facilitates the networking of these businesses, which leads to increased social capital among its clients.

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