3 Common Challenges Financial Advisors Face Today

Acquiring the proper education, certifications, and experience to become a financial advisor is no small task, yet there is more than that in the business as a financial advisor. Among the chief challenges financial advisors today face are:

Client expectations

Every potential client has preconceived notions of what a good financial advisor will do. The advisor who merely concentrates on the bottom line performance of the client’s portfolio may be missing something. At Spinnaker Investment Group, we take the time to talk with our clients, ask about previous experiences and, most importantly, listen to the answers. For many investors, the level of service and responsiveness they receive from their advisors is just as important as hitting the financials goals.

“The art of conversation lies in listening.” — Malcom Forbes

Also, although each client is and should be treated uniquely, it is good to be mindful of collective generational shifts in how investing is perceived. World views, experiences, and priorities are quite different among the typical baby boomer, Generation Xer, and Millennial.

Client contact

No matter the level of expectation of the client, always among the top complaints financial advisors receive is a lack of communication. Ironically, this often occurs during times of prosperity and comparative success. Many advisors seem to think if the numbers are good, what is there to talk about? Our approach is different. We realize communication is an ongoing and regular part of the relationship we work so hard to maintain. Managing our clients’ expectations and their comfort level with risk is an ongoing effort, not a one-and-done consideration.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”– George Bernard Shaw

Being truthful

Seldom is outright dishonesty the issue, but overpromising and then under-delivering can become an issue for some advisors. At Spinnaker Investment Group, we are guided by the standard of complete and full transparency in everything we do with and for our clients. Although we aim high, we are realistic about risk and fully disclose that which our clients need to know to render informed choices.

We realize you have a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting a financial investment advisor, and we expect to have to earn your business. We can help you determine your long-range goals and implement a course that will allow you to achieve them. Get started here.


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