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Being prepared with your financial plan will ensure there are less financial surprises as your family navigates the ups and downs of life.

Spinn Family is here to make the process easier and faster so you can get back to focusing on the many other responsibilities that come with being a parent.

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Family life is full of the unexpected. Spinn Family is here to help you prepare for the unknown.

Some of the things we want to help you plan for are:

  • Baby budgeting 101 – how will adding a new member to your family affect your financial plan?
  • With your growing family, what safeguards like guardianship and family trusts should you have in place?
  • Taking more time off, hiring a nanny, or transitioning to a stay-at-home parent… What makes the most sense for your family’s circumstance?
  • When saving for your child’s college tuition, what tax efficient investment strategies can you utilize?
  • Over your lifetime, what insurance plans make the most sense to protect you and your loved ones?
  • What preschool, daycare, or community waitlists do you need to join and when should you pay the deposit to join them?

When is a good time to start
financially planning for your family?

The answer, in short, is as soon as you decide you are ready to have a child, or you already have one.. or two or three.

If you need a financial plan, or you are ready to update yours, we are happy to help in a complimentary consultation.

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Close-up of red piggy bank terminal and notebook with notations. Monthly expenses on rent car food and credit. Cash money on desktop. Family budget concept

A vital part of your financial plan is knowing what your monthly expenses total up to be.

Adding a new member of the family will undoubtedly increase your monthly expenses.

The key is to be prepared by knowing how expenses will increase from newborn to toddler to child and all the milestones in between.

Our Process


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Click below to set up a date and time for a phone call that works best for you, alloting an hour for our first intro meeting. Our consultation is complimentary, and confidentiality is prioritized throughout the relationship.

Intro Meeting

To get a better picture of where you stand, we will talk about your current financial situation, your future family goals, and get to know you better so that we can build you and your family a personalized plan.

The Plan

We then take all the information we gathered from you, crunch the numbers, and run projections for your unique situation. At our next meeting, we present the plan to you with all our recommendations to optimize your family planning and investment strategy.
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"There's a great comfort in knowing your family has done everything they can to be financially secure."

– Riley Hayes, Financial Advisor

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